When Moving Overseas

Moving overseas can be a very difficult and tiring thing to do physically and emotionally.
This is true especially in cases where you are trying to move to a country that is significantly different than yours in culture. This is more apparent when you are moving overseas to the Australia or the UK. You will have to know and think about several things first prior to doing this.

A lot of people would think that going from the United States to the United Kingdom will be as easy as they thought. One big reason is the language. They speak English in the UK too don’t they? However, the language is not a problem; it is the culture which you have to consider first.

Yes, language is the same. They speak English. But does every English word mean the same for them as how we were used to it? Just like different countries, each and every one of them uses local slang. And if used incorrectly, you might run into a fight with a local. You need to study not merely the use of words properly, but you should also know about using the words casually.

Simple driving matters too. Are you already used to driving at the wrong side of the road with a right-hand vehicle? You must take note of that and learn how.

Aside from these facts, there are several more things to consider. The best thing to do is research. The internet has a wide library of facts and figures for a researcher and this will be of great help to you once you have decided on moving overseas.

Leave yourself enough time – don’t expect to finish work one day, move out fo the house the next and hop on the plane the third day! It just won’t happen and you will stress yourself out a lot. The last time I moved overseas we moved out of our home weeks before we left the country  it gave us time to finsih off all the lose ends and take a breath before we left for the next big adventure! Remember that you have to finish off all the little things -the mail redirect, the medical records pick up, the giving away the items you aren’t taking: food and similar things.