Moving overseas to Thailand

When thinking about moving overseas, many questions arise. What country will I choose? What can others recommend? Will I be happy there?A country that properly will give to the best value of happiness and living cost, is Thailand.

Last year, HSBC performed a survey which addresses this. The survey, which was made globally across economic and lifestyle factors,  found that tax exemptions, affordable cost of living and improved living conditions are the reason that Thailand ranks highest among foreigners residing in the country.This was the fourth year the survey was made and more than 3300 residents living in 100 countries have participated. Data are based on their lifestyle, financial situation and the way their accompanying family socialize on.

The most cost effective place to live in Thailand is the North East part of the country, called Isaan, and the modern city of Ubon Ratchathani.Ubon Ratchathani is truly a modern city, but at the same time it has kept its charm and culture. The city has all you can request in terms of shopping and entertainment, big shopping malls and lots of restaurants, most of them serving the famous Isaan cuisine.Many American expats live here now, due to the two countries strong ties during the Vietnam war. Because of that, you will find several expat restaurants in Ubon Ratchathani where you can get western food and chat with fellow nationalities.

If you are moving overseas from a city, nature might be of great importance to you. The province of Ubon Ratchathani have some of the best scenic views in Thailand. Places like Sam Phan Bok, Pha Taem, Kaeng Tana, Phanom Rung Historical Park, and the hundreds of Buddhist temples will surely amaze you.

But before you make up your mind and move overseas, investigate the surroundings and very important… the chemistry of the city. Come to Ubon and explore for yourself. Fly to Ubon Ratchathani and have local people take you around and show you the city from a local perspective, meet the locals eye to eye and ask questions. Talk to expats already living in Ubon, and listen to their experience. It’s of great value.

Start by contacting an Ubon Ratchathani travel agency and let them arrange your arrival and tour around the city, and also let them know what information you need to address, in order to find out whether Ubon is the city for your future.

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