How To Retire In Bali – Review

Bali, Indonesia, is a beautiful island to visit, a popular overseas trip, particularly for Australians – but would you want to retire there? Now I know for a fact that the author of this guide: How to Retire in Bali – isn’t retired – but he does live and own a business in Bali – so he’s better placed than many to give the real information for anyone planning on retiring to Bali.

And real is where he starts. I love the fact that the first thing Mike does in this book is to try to talk you out of it – by pointing out some of the other countries in the region that people retire to, and then continues to point out the downsides of Bali – yes this is a real book written by a real person, who is NOT contracted to Bali’s tourism department to put a positive spin on the ugly side of Bali (lack of decent roads and sewerage infrastructure  and corruption being some of the biggies).

Many expats seem to only want to hang-out with other expats – you do wonder why they bothered moving. Mike points out that the Balinese are very welcoming to foreigners who are staying long-term- and if you make an effort it may well be easier to be accepted by the locals than in many other countries.

Mike’s 100-point moving list – is a must-read – even if you are not moving to Bali – if you are moving anywhere overseas – you need to have it!

How To Retire to BaliThe book runs to over 110 pages – and covers all the main issues for anyone considering moving to Bali either for retirement or to start a business. Main topics covered include:

  • Why Bali?
  • Preparation and Planning
  • Adapting to the Culture
  • Banking and Finance
  • Health and Health Insurance
  • Driving and Buying a Car
  • Housing and Buying Property
  • Employing Staff
  • Where to Live in Bali
  • Visas
One of the most useful sections of the books are Mike’s extensive interviews with several expats – the variation in questions including the tough ones -“what would you have done differently” and “did you have a backup plan” – were really quite interesting and varied.
In summary How to Retire to Bali- is useful not just for retirees and not just those moving to Bali. If you are a location-independent professional looking for a new, warmer home,  someone looking to start a business in Bali – or even if you just have Bali on your short-list – buy this book!

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