Private Spanish Classes with Experienced Tutors

Many people choose to move to Spain. Some people buy holiday homes while other people decide to live in Spain permanently. Being able to speak the language is certainly an advantage and it may be a good idea to begin¬†learning Spanish¬†before you move there. One-to-one tuition is a great way to learn Spanish. You can have classes in your own home or the tutor’s home. There is also the possibility of doing lessons over the internet using Skype. This can be particularly interesting for people who live in remote areas where it might otherwise be difficult to find tutors.

When trying to find tutors, many people will use the internet. Someone wanting to study Spanish in London might type Spanish classes London into a search engine. I think that many students like to have classes at their home as it is more convenient although having classes at the tutor’s home is often cheaper. Obviously any saving obtained in this way would be lost if the tutor lives a long way from the student. Some students prefer to travel to the tutor as they might feel self-conscious at their own home.

We also have tutors from South America so we can also cater for students who wish to learn Latin American Spanish. There are certain differences between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish, especially regarding pronunciation. Latin American Spanish tends to be less harsh and one major difference is that some of the letters are pronounced differently. One of the main advantages of one-to-one tuition over group classes is that the student has far more opportunity to communicate in Spanish than in a group class. In a group class there might be as many as fifteen other students (although many courses have smaller class sizes of five or ten students). Even in a smaller class of only five students, the maximum amount of time that a student might talk would be 20 minutes for each hour if all students have the same opportunity to speak. In a group class it is more difficult for a tutor to help an individual student with their particular weaknesses. Language House offers one-to-one tuition in the UK, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy. In group classes a large part of the class might concentrate on areas where the student is already strong and doesn’t require much practice. In a one-to-one class the student can easily express what they need help with and the tutor can tailor the classes to the student’s needs. Although one-to-one tuition is more expensive than group classes, it is likely that the student will progress more quickly.

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