The Rising Trend Of Teaching In Other Countries

With the tough economic climate in the United States, there has been a significant shift with job seekers to begin looking for work in other countries.  One of the hottest job sectors is teaching english and other subjects in other countries.  English speaking teachers are in high demand, especially in Asian countries were teaching and learning is highly valued.  Teachers in other countries can see a significant salary increase by teaching in other countries as they are much more valued then teachers here in the United States.  We have made numerous posts here, on the great demand and trend shift in the global education enviroment.

The Benefits Of Teaching In Other Countries

There are numerous benefits to teaching in other countries that you would not expirence here in the United States.  The first and sometimes most important to some teachers is the prestige of the job.

Teachers in Asian countries, especially South Korea, are looked up to as almost celebrity like individuals.  Good teachers will have classrooms full of students ready to learn, and they will actually put up quite a bit of money to be taught by the best.  There numerous cases of teachers and proffessors who make a ton of money by doing web cam lectures to large audiences of students and charging these students top dollar.  Education in South Korea is seen as a great investment and you will find numerous families willing to invest in their kids.  The students are also extremely eager to learn and have a great passion for learning.  So if you are passionate about your subject and really want to make a difference, you will find that the Asian culture is much more willing and eager to put in the time and effort.

Many companies that will hire English speaking teachers or teachers with a knowledge of a subject will also provide you with a food allowance and room and board.  This can be a great way to control expenses and save money while you are working full time.  You will also have the benefit of having a stronger currency or lower expenses in general depending on the country that you are going to be working for.  This can mean a significant upgrade in lifestyle, a lifestyle that you could not afford on a teachers salary in the United States.  Some companies will also hire you if you lack a teaching degree, all they want is someone who can speak english and teach english fluently.

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